Six Week Individual Program


The six week coaching program is perfect for quick fix problems. If you are challenged by one problem, and need an immediate solution, then schedule a six week coaching package! In the individual sessions, we will assess your specific situation and provide a solution that is tailored to your needs and can be applied for immediate use. You are just a session away from finding relief or control over the problem that is keeping you up at night wondering what to do. If you are afraid of failure, burned out, struggling for motivation, or just need a way to stop the self-doubt, then the six week program is a perfect place to start!

Confidence Workshops


Include your team and coaching staff in this 4 hour workshop where we do a complete Confidence Make-Over for everyone! The tools, practical application, and experiments creates a new standard of killer confidence for everyone! It’s unique & brand new material you have never been taught before! Your gym needs more confidence! (Price set is based per participant with a minimum of 40 total participants.)

Group Sessions

Flippin’ Awesome Ninjas Weekly Group Sessions

New topics every month, learn weekly mental toughness tools, ask questions, email access, receive help to solve ANY problem in Live Calls and discover how to take massive action now! All sessions are recorded. Replays are available following each call for athletes so they can listen on their phones in between their tight schedules. Price of $50/ month membership fee. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Weight Coaching for Athletes

Do you want more speed, more power, more strength to do those drills and develop the skills necessary to win? Taking care of your weight is going to be key for any athletic success. Let’s get you going from exhausted to energetic in this 6 weeks of mental core weight management training!

You don’t need to add hours of work out to your already full schedule in order to lose weight. You don’t need to starve or be miserable either. What do you need? Someone to teach you how to make better choices each day that are doable. My tools are simple and doable. Just like in sports, you make choices every day and those choices become habits. When your habits are useful and consistent, then you lose weight. Weight gain is a major contributing factor of injury for collegiate athletes. Knowing how to manage your mind around your sport includes learning the tools to manage your mind around your food habits. You will reach the level of performance you desire in your life and sport as you apply the simple, yet powerful and unique weight loss tools in this 6 week program.

FREE Complimentary 30-Minute Session

Schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation with Amy! During this session you will talk about your individual goals and needs as an athlete. Amy will get you on the right path and help you see what your next steps to success are.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Amy Twiggs is absolutely incredible. I was at a standstill in helping some of my athletes get through some mental and physical barriers. In truly one 30-minute session, she helped me understand my athletes better… and help my athletes control their thoughts better. So many times, we have tried mental training that has just caused our athletes to over-think and over-analyze even more. It has been extremely difficult for them to buy-in to mental training because of this. After working with Amy, there was no over-analyzing or no over-thinking. It was just the opposite. You saw the athlete take control of their thoughts and have so much more confidence.”

Kasey Crawford, UW- La Crosse Head Gymnastics Coach
She’s basically like my therapist. I’m better equipped to handle baseball’s inevitable failure, and hopeful some new ways of thinking will help me deliver on the field. This is a big year for me to try to keep my mind right. She really helps me. She always tells me: she’s not my friend, she’s there to let me know her opinion and then be real with me. I feel like I’m in a better frame of mind–the best frame of mind I’ve been in since I can remember. Whether it’s interactions with some people, things that happened on the field, maybe a couple of failures that I had–just getting over them, because I could never get over them. Looking back, I wish I could have, but I just didn’t know how to. She gave me the tools to do that. She’s really big on sitting on those feelings. Realizing how it makes you feel and once you identify those feelings, then it’s easy to change that feeling into something more positive. I could tell her anything without feeling as though I had to hold back. It felt good to be able to do that. I feel better-equipped to handle the ups and downs between the lines. I feel like I’ve definitely changed.

Pro Athlete
“I have talked to a handful of sport psychologist in the past and even took a college class on sport psychology for the college athlete. None of them compared to what Amy has taught me. All of my past experiences resulted in dozens of relaxation methods and never really getting to the bottom of the actual issue. Although the relaxation methods do help some, none of their techniques led to the fresh new perspective Amy has produced in my life. Talking to her for just a half hour has changed my life and I can not express with enough words how much she has given to me.”

College Athlete
Before talking with Amy, I wasn’t confident in my dismount off of bars. I experienced two injuries from my dismount earlier this year. I was scared of getting hurt again, so I had a hard time just doing the dismount in my routine. When talking with Amy, we came up with something I could do going into my dismount every time that kept my mind off the actual dismount itself. Now I can confidently go for the dismount in my routine every time! I feel my gymnastics has become cleaner and more consistent since talking with Amy because I have gained so much more confidence and I am able to focus on the corrections I am being given rather than my fear.

Level 10 Gymnast
“I am a gymnast’s mom and I have loved my sessions with Amy. My sessions have helped me support my gymnast more sincerely by guiding me to discover that my fears of her getting injured were not my daughter’s fears. I have been able to be enjoy my daughter’s gymnastics journey because I am there and present. I have focused on making every day a great day without holding back or worries. My daughter has thrived off that new honesty in our relationship because she can sense I’m completely supportive of her gymnastic journey whatever it may bring. I recommended Amy’s sessions to other mom’s because the sessions allowed me to work on a better version of myself so that I can be there for my daughter strengthening our relationship in and out of the gym.”

Vickie Vinson, parent of Level 9 gymnast
“My daughter is a gymnast… I felt like I was better able to understand the emotional pressure my daughter deals with and the courage she has to muster as a gymnast… The truly pleasant surprise was how many things I was able to apply to my own life as well! Amy outlines very specific tools anyone can use if they are trying to mentally conquer difficult things and navigate the mental roadblocks to high performance.”

Brittany, Gymnast Mom
“There is a quote from Amy Twiggs that I will forever memorize: “There is no situation that will ever have power over you if you know who you are. Knowing who you are will change what you want. Knowing what you want will change what you believe. Knowing what you believe creates a future of limitless possibilities!” I just got hired as head volleyball coach in high school and I am going to apply her tools to crush fear & increase confidence for volleyball players.”

Missy Julien, High School Volleyball Head Coach
“Sometimes I wish I had an extra hour each day with my gymnasts just to talk to them individually about what is going on inside and help them process through their struggles. But even if I found the time, I wouldn’t know the best way to do that. It has been so amazing to have a few of my gymnasts be able to go to Amy and have a professional give them them tools they need as individuals to succeed in the gym. My gymnasts have come back more confident, more engaged, and better able to express themselves. If I ever come across a gymnast who lacks confidence or a coach who has a gymnast struggling in the mental realm of gymnastics my first thought would be to recommend them to Amy.”

Meagan Tabla, Team Director-Head Team Coach
“Amy! We cannot express enough gratitude, for all that you have done and are doing for our little family! were so grateful for you in our lives. Thank you so much for all your support, encouragement and knowledge that you have been and are sharing with (my athlete)! She always feels that everything is going to be OK and she gets a wonderful boost of confidence after talking to you and spending time with you! I appreciate you so much Amy, We ALL do!”

Tamara, Parent of Athlete
“Your sessions are like EFY for Gymnasts! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the call in last night’s group session. It helped me so so much at gym and I know it will in the future. I really like the thought this week that fear is a choice. It was super awesome and was something that would help us all. It was really well worded and understandable too.

Thanks so much for putting time in to help us.”

Ella Frank, Level 10 gymnast

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