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Six Week Individual Program


The six week coaching program is perfect for quick fix problems. If you are challenged by one problem, and need an immediate solution, then schedule a six week coaching package! In the individual sessions, we will assess your specific situation and provide a solution that is tailored to your needs and can be applied for immediate use. You are just a session away from finding relief or control over the problem that is keeping you up at night wondering what to do. If you are afraid of failure, burned out, struggling for motivation, or just need a way to stop the self-doubt, then the six week program is a perfect place to start!

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Confidence Workshops


Include your team and coaching staff in this 4 hour workshop where we do a complete Confidence Make-Over for everyone! The tools, practical application, and experiments creates a new standard of killer confidence for everyone! It’s unique & brand new material you have never been taught before! Your gym needs more confidence! (Price set is based per participant with a minimum of 40 total participants.)

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Group Sessions

Flippin’ Awesome Ninjas Weekly Group Sessions

New topics every month, learn weekly mental toughness tools, ask questions, email access, receive help to solve ANY problem in Live Calls and discover how to take massive action now! All sessions are recorded. Replays are available following each call for athletes so they can listen on their phones in between their tight schedules. Price of $50/ month membership fee. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Weight Coaching for Athletes

Do you want more speed, more power, more strength to do those drills and develop the skills necessary to win? Taking care of your weight is going to be key for any athletic success. Let’s get you going from exhausted to energetic in this 6 weeks of mental core weight management training!

You don’t need to add hours of work out to your already full schedule in order to lose weight. You don’t need to starve or be miserable either. What do you need? Someone to teach you how to make better choices each day that are doable. My tools are simple and doable. Just like in sports, you make choices every day and those choices become habits. When your habits are useful and consistent, then you lose weight. Weight gain is a major contributing factor of injury for collegiate athletes. Knowing how to manage your mind around your sport includes learning the tools to manage your mind around your food habits. You will reach the level of performance you desire in your life and sport as you apply the simple, yet powerful and unique weight loss tools in this 6 week program.

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FREE Complimentary 30-Minute Session

Schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation with Amy! During this session you will talk about your individual goals and needs as an athlete. Amy will get you on the right path and help you see what your next steps to success are.


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