Flippin' Awesome Coaching

Are you ready to hear the truth?

Do you have a mental strength and confidence coach on your roster? Anxiety is rapidly increasing in sports. What are you doing to prepare for the performance changes that will occur when anxiety is drive the action of your team? Give your athletes and coaching staff something new.

It’s entirely up to you.

There are thousands of competitive athletes around the world. How do you stand out to those recruiters from all the rest of the great athletes? Regular mental training is one area the others are not conditioning regularly. If you want to get noticed by colleges and pro recruiters, then you must do something your competitors are not doing. Flippin’ Awesome Mindset Coaching is the key you need to stand out, dominate and become unstoppable in and out of your sport. You want to become a member now so you don’t miss another opportunity to get that athletic position, overcome that obstacle, win that medal, achieve that scholarship, and enjoy the process all along the way.

5 Pillars of Flippin’ Awesome Membership Training.


Emotional Management: Pressure, Stress, Anxiety, Nervousness, etc.

Mental Management: Doubts, Fears, Insecurities, Mental Blocks, etc.

Team/Coach/Self– Relationship Building

Systems to Dominate Specific Goals In & Out of Sports

  • Access from anywhere you have internet, or download trainings to listen to on the go.
  • Be coached live or anonymously.
  • Use the tools to 10 times your athletic success and satisfaction.
  • Monthly virtual calls include different tools to help you immediately in your sport.
  • Get live coaching on any topic you are struggling with.
  • Weekly live coaching for athletes.
  • Monthly live coaching calls for coaches separately.
  • Bonus coaching calls for parents of athletes offered periodically throughout the year.
  • Video & Audio replays available for any calls you may have missed.
  • Ask Amy area allows you to text in any question you may have and receive an answer within 72 hours.
  • Ongoing mini-training’s on requested topics created regularly.

You’ll Get Access To…

Mindset Training

Get exclusive tools and help from professionally trained mental strength coaches who will teach you what it takes to separate yourself from the rest and share how they overcame some of the most difficult circumstances you can imagine.

Build Your Portfolio

The Flippin’ Awesome Membership provides events that will be featured in a National Magazine Publication and, as a participant, can be used to build your personal collegiate portfolio.

Experiential Learning Activities

The live virtual coaching calls and many trainings already available in the site will give you mental challenges and emotional obstacles to overcome as a part of the weekly agenda. And, you will be able to ask for more trainings if anything is not already there for you.

Ongoing Coaching

This platform for mental coaching gives you the opportunity to become a part of a mastermind group that will have weekly calls to trouble shoot any current challenges. These virtual group meetings will elevate your game.