Day 6: Reflect on What You Have Learned

by | May 23, 2020 | Train Your Brain Series

Day 6: What Have You Learned


It’s important to stop and reflect on what you are learning and how you are growing. Today we won’t look at anything new. Instead, peruse back through the last 5 days, skimming the reading material and the things you have written.


  • What was your previous relationship and awareness of your thoughts?

  • How have you seen it change and shift this week?

  • Did you have any big aha moments or insights this week?

Take Action

What do you want to take away from this week?

If you are doing this with a group, come prepared to share your thoughts about the questions above. If you are not doing this with a group, think about one person you can talk about what you have been learning with.

This is one of our longer Foundational Videos, but learning how the brain works around motivation is so important and we want you to have a thorough understanding. Make sure and take the time to watch it!