Hey Athletes,

I have coaches asking me why you athletes practice so well, then perform so terribly.

Here is the reason for that performance issue:

  1. You shift your beliefs. That’s it. It’s really simple. At practice, you may think, “Practice is fun. There is no pressure here. I can try things and I’m safe.” But, when you go to a game, your belief shifts to, “They are counting on me, I can’t mess up. I have to hit.” That shift causes tightening and when you are tight, your rhythm is off and you will never perform at your highest level.

Here is a quick fix for you athlete’s who experience this issue:

The Pressure Hack:

  1. Catch yourself tightening up. As soon as you notice your shoulders tensing or neck tight or breathing shallow or hands shaking and sweating, then STOP!
  2. Realize this pressure is just because some version you are believing of the idea , “I have to…perform well, not miss, be stronger, they need me…”  This is never true. You do not have to do anything and you will still be 100% valuable and worth and amazing.
  3. Next, tell yourself the truth. The truth is, “I don’t have to do anything.” 
  4. Then, find other truth’s that feel better? “I choose to play this sport. I want to be chosen to perform this week. I am doing what I love. …just because!” If you try to perform fo any other reason, you will feel stress, pressure and tension– none of which will serve you in any game or competition.
  5. Stop again, see how it feels to go back to your own truths. Typically, your shoulders will drop, your breathing will begin to stabilize, and you will feel focused energy again. 
  6. Because this energy will feel better, you most likely will get a result of  performing better!


Summary: Get rid of the lie your primitive brain is offering you, and you will feel, which leads to much better performance. 

If you want help decreasing anxiety and pressure in your athletics, join our group of athletes at FlippinAwesomeCoaching.com.

Have a flippin’ awesome week,

Amy Twiggs,

Mental Strength & Performance Coach

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