Hey Athletes,

Many of you spent more time with coaches and teammates than with your own family.

Sometimes you will find the time very difficult.

You will feel let down.

You will feel annoyed.

You will feel resentful.

You will feel misunderstood and rejected.

You will feel pressure.

And, you may want to believe these feelings come from your coaches and teammates.

This week, I want to invite you to catch yourself falling into this typical trap of self-pity.

Be onto your lizard brain when it suggests that you are a victim in any way.

I want to challenge you to stay awake and take responsibility for how you feel.

I want you to own your power to choose your emotions.

And, I want to challenge you to choose to feel the emotion of love as much as possible.

Love for your team and coaches comes from being curious about their actions and words.

Drop judgment and you will feel more empowered.

Sometimes teammates and coaches don’t act the way we want them to.

It’s ok.

You don’t have to make it mean anything about you or your capabilities.

Let it all go.

Manage what you can control…your emotions.

Choose love.

Even if they are wrong.

Love just feels better.

It’s a gift you give yourself every time you choose it.

Love, love, love.

And have a “love”-ly week!


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