Hey Athletes-

We often hear the saying:

“Do what you love and athletic success will follow.”

This is not always true, in fact, oftentimes it’s a lie.

Success doesn’t always follow.

You have to create success.

And you are the only ones who can create your own success…

…and you also get to decide what success looks like.

In fact, I think it’s more true to switch it.

Create success, then do what you love.

When we create our success, we are more likely to keep working towards bigger goals.

And when we work on bigger successes, we do more of what we truly love.

Wins don’t  make it easy to do what you love to do.

There are many unhappy pro athletes who thought doing what they love would make them happy.

Nope, wins won’t make you happy.

That’s not a championship trophy or an Olympic gold medal’s job, it’s yours.

A win won’t make you more worthy.

You are already, 100% of worth.

But a win can give you more options.

It can help you say no and yes to more college recruiters.

It can fund your athletic college career desires.

It makes it easier to give back and inspire more upcoming athletes.

Might I suggest you start with what athletic success looks like to you?

Create a plan to achieve your goals and wins.

Love yourself because you are 100% loveable no matter what.

Keep love and the sport separate.

Create athletic success, or wins, for yourself just for fun.

A win is never a guarantee for happiness.

And love does not guarantee wins.

However, you can choose to love what you do along the way.

This is a much easier path to athletic fulfillment.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Have a Flippin’ Awesome week,

Amy Twiggs,

Certified Mental Strength & Performance Coach


You totally got this!

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