Hey Athletes & Coaches-

Do you find yourself complaining often in practice?

About your abilities, maybe your teammates abilities, 

Your coaches? Your future? The colleges that are not noticing you?

Maybe you’re complaining about the number of mistakes you made at the last game?

Or the opposing teams unfair plays?

Maybe the refs “made some bad calls”?

What do you find yourself complaining about?

On average, most people complain about 30 times every day.

How many times do you complain daily?

Do you believe you could stop complaining?

Maybe go on a complaining diet?

What might happen if you stop complaining and start using that same energy to go after your dream?

What might happen if you stop complaining and focused on the next move you could try to possibly get closer to the result you really want?

What might happen if …

Complaining wasn’t a regular part of your daily routine?

If you are ready to stop complaining and start focusing on more productive use of your time, then go to FlippinAwesomeCoaching.com. Join us as we apply these ideas and level up our game on and off the field.

have a flippin awesome day,

Amy Twiggs

Mental Strength Coach

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