Hey Athletes & Coaches,

Did you know that you have 40-60 thousand thoughts every day? 

What you put in your mind impacts what you think about. 

What you think about determines your life experience. 

You are literally creating your future by the thoughts you focus on. 

It’s much easier to enjoy a positive life when you continually add positive ideas, images, sounds, and other input into your mind. 

Your brain needs guidance.

If you are not intentional about what goes in, then you will be left with the default of fearful or negative outcomes.

What do you put in your mind? 

Make a list of everything purposefully put in your brain today.

How is that input impacting your output? 

On average, people complain 30 times per day.

Maybe a great challenge this week could be to be aware of how often you complain. Then, work to cut that amount in half. 

See what happens when you first, become of aware of your thoughts, and then, focus on more positive ones.

You life experience is just a reflection of your thoughts.

What are you listening to, reading, watching, talking about, and engaging in?

Is it positive?

Will it give you the athletic success you desire?

If you are ready to level up your game, go to FlippinAwesomeCoaching.com and join our group of coaches and athletes as we apply the tools for a dominating athletic mindset!

Have a Flippin’ Awesome Day!

Amy Twiggs

Mental Strength Coach

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