Your Past Is Not Your Future

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Your Past Is Not Your Future

Hey Athletes-

We do so many things based on the evidence of our past when that truly has no impact on our future capabilities.

Did you know that your past no longer exists except in your mind.

All you have is now. So, really think about this.

We talk about the present being the so important and maybe the reason for that is because that’s all there truly is.

The past is over, and the future is always just in your imagination.

All you have in this moment are the thoughts you are thinking right now.

If you’re thinking about your past, that just isn’t your past.

You can’t go visit it or re-live it or take someone to visit it with you.

This is a huge distinction. Your past is over.

The only way your past exists at all is in your thoughts about it now.

Otherwise, it doesn’t affect you in any way.

Let me repeat that last sentence. Your past doesn’t affect you in any way!

However, your thought right now about your past does affect you.

All of your thinking affects you significantly in this moment, but think about it… what happened to you in your past does not affect you at all in this moment.

Your past is over– and then there are your current thoughts about your past, which do affect you.

I want you to apply this concept to your sport and see just how powerful it is for your future success!

I have experiences in my past with gymnastics that could make the current me miserable and burdened and heavy with sadness, but that doesn’t serve me well.

That doesn’t allow me to evolve into a new version of who I want to be– and I promise any thought that feels heavy to you about your past also doesn’t serve you at all in this moment.

Is your past true? Yes! We agree that everyone has a past!

We won’t argue with that fact.

But we know that when we argue with our past, we lose but only 100% of the time.

I can’t recall who said that, but it’s totally true!

And I like to think about it when I’m working with clients who think their past has negatively impacted who they are today. That my friends is not true.

Your past no longer exists except in your mind. That is a huge concept.

When I ask you about your past now, what is it?

It’s your story about your past.

I have athletes tell me about how they had terrible coaches and if only they had been at a gym that taught them correct technique, then maybe the would’ve become the athlete they were meant to be.

How does that story serve you?

I have others that tell me that their dreams were destroyed because of an injury– they thought they were destined to be a future collegiate athlete, but the unexpected happened and they got a rough turn– their life in sports was cut short.

Then, recently i was talking to an older gentleman in the hospital- he had had a stroke and was across the room from my dad.

At any rate, this older man said that he was being recruited by many colleges, he had an important position on the team and the quarterback that he played with went on to play college and then pros. He believes he was supposed to be in the pros as well., that his friends story should’ve been his too.

He was in tears talking about how his injury changed his life forever- for the worse.

You guys. Do you see how he lives in his past and isn’t able to move forward wishing to go back in time constantly. How he is missing out on enjoying today and becoming a new version of himself and what else is possible because his energy is spent reliving the past that was taken from him.

If you had amnesia and you had no memory of your past, it would have no influence on you in terms of your current thinking. If I asked you what happened to you when you were a child, you would tell me your story, your version of your past.

I could ask your mother or your father and they would have a different version. Your past exists in their mind in their way, and your past exists in your mind in your way.

If you had amnesia since yesterday’s practice at sports, it would have no influence on you in terms of your current thinking about today’s practice. If I asked you what happened to you when you were a beginner in your sport and to tell me your story of growing up as an athletes, your version of you past it would just be your story.

I could ask your coaches and teammates and they would have a different version. Your past, again, exists in their mind and your past exists in your mind in your way.

What are you making your past mean about your, what you make it mean about you and your talents and your abilities and your future, your purpose in your sport will determine what you will do and your success in your sport.

You want to move to that next level?

You want to win that next championship game?

You want a college scholarship? You want to play for the pros someday?

You just want to feel like you can breathe again and drop the anxiety?

Then, use this tool, it will help you. And if you need help, then go to and sign up for a free session with me, I will help you! This is my passion and I will help you learn how to let go of the past that is keeping you from moving into the possibilities of your future!

Be Flippin’ Awesome!


Amy Twiggs

Mental Strength Coach