What’s Possible?

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What’s Possible?

Hey Parents/Coaches-
Here’s an exercise that might help expand athletes minds and heal a bit of the pressure they feel at times. Ask your athletes to write what they believe is possible for them in their sports career and their life? No one ever asks kids this question and it’s an important question. What do they think is possible for them and why?
If you follow up on their answers individually, you may learn a lot about your athlete. You may notice what they believe they are capable of producing in their life coincides with how they are showing up at practice every week. Knowing what they believe is possible will give you a glimpse to their confidence level. If you knew where your athlete’s confidence level was on a scale of 1-10, with Doubt being on the 1 side and Confidence being on the 10 side, then you might have an idea of what kind of parenting will be most beneficial. An athlete can appear confident and yet, be full of self-doubt. (Think of when they practice well, but perform terribly) I know this takes time and the number of hours dedicated to actual physical workout time seems overwhelming, but taking time to let an athlete explore their possibilities is ALWAYS worth it. Let them expand their vision and create dreams and have a voice in their overall life experience. Dreaming reminds us of why we are doing what we are doing– it motivates us to take bigger action, and fills us with courage to take that action.
What do you believe is possible for you? Why?
Teaching athletes to have a voice and knowing what they truly want is going to one important step towards changing the trajectory of emotional and mental health in sports.
try this exercise– try it yourself as well. see what comes up for you.
have an amazing day,
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