The “Yes” Method

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The “Yes” Method

Hey Athletes-

I love sharing mind tips with all of you and I thought you might like this one.

I have a brand new “Yes Method” that is working well for athletes!

First, you want to understand that your brain naturally defaults to what is wrong with the world and what is wrong with you.

So, when you are working on believing new thoughts, you want to use tools to smoothly shift that default setting into a different part of your mind– that part that wants to try new things and will be willing to be uncomfortable to get exactly what you want. The higher thinking brain is the pre-frontal cortex.

In this method, you will ask yourself close ended questions that will always end in “Yes”.

It really doesn’t matter what the questions are (I use specific questions if I am working with athletes in order to master certain skills but you really can see a change by just getting yourself to say ‘yes’).

You want your answer to be “Yes” every time.

You can ask questions like, “Do I believe it’s possible that someone as ever done (insert skill) and enjoyed it?” “Am I able to squeeze my quads?” “Am I capable of looking at the vault for 10 seconds without moving my eyes?”…. sounds simple, but it truly shifts your thinking to higher thinking.

Once you have said “Yes” at least 5 times, THEN whatever it is you are trying to believe (something you just don’t believe yet), you can move forward to asking open-ended questions, such as: “What do I think I would have to do to get that goal?” “How would I have to feel to do those things?” “What do I think I would have to think to generate that feeling?”

Doing this “Yes” Method provides a seamless cognitive process that opens your mind up to possibilities that it otherwise would not have been willing to consider.

The answers to these questions will lead to the precise action you need to get those results you want.

And, the beautiful part is that you can figure it out on your own if you just keep asking open-ended questions at this point. You don’t need to wait for a coach to come tell you what they think you need to do.

Hope that made sense.

Let me know if this methods helps you. It’s been super valuable so far for many of my athletes.

have an Flippin’ Awesome day!

Amy Twiggs

Pro Athlete & Sports Performance Coach