Fake Mantras Don’t Work

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Fake Mantras Don’t Work

Hey Athletes,

What if you told everyone for 35 days straight who you are and what you are going to do in your sport?

What if for 35 days straight, you believed your were inevitably going to achieve those athletic goals?

What if you woke up every morning, knowing everyone supported your goal and were waiting to help you succeed? And you felt motivated to tell the world what you planned to do.

If you aren’t achieving the goals you want, this is WHY. It isn’t enough to take a goal and watch some other athletes achieve those goals. It isn’t enough to study athletic techniques and tactics with your coaches and peers. It isn’t enough to write your goals down, think about your goals, and study how to accomplish your goals…

You HAVE to believe too. While you are taking action, you have to be fueled with constant connection to your future self, the one who has accomplished that goal. And not that fake mantra that you say outloud, but don’t feel anything inside. (You know what I mean. You can’t chant your way to the pros). THINK AFFIRMATIONS…

And this seems simple. But I have clients who are not reaching their dreams because they are subconsciously telling themselves, “this is never going to happen.” So, of course, they are failing at them!

If you can keep yourself fueled with belief long enough to take massive, consistent action, evaluate your results, change what isn’t working, and try something new, over and over, AND believe it’s possible for you…you would make your goal a reality. As many goals as you like!

But what happens is you stop working the model, because you think the model doesn’t work.

You start thinking you need to be at practice more hours, get more private physical coaching help, sleep less to you can workout more…you come up with all the external things you can change to try and feel better and feel more in control of your results.

But the model is always working. No matter what you do, what you BELIEVE will end up as your result.

If you are ready to change it up, and do something different, you need to enroll in the Flippin’ Awesome Ninjas virtual group.

I am showing my athletes and coaches what 35 days of belief FEELS like.

We are doing it together.

You aren’t just learning some more content. You are applying the model to the athletic goals that you dream about at night.

You are going to get out and BELIEVE your goals into action. PERIOD. Get off the couch. Pause the netflix series. You have work to do for five weeks. That’s it. You can do five weeks. Five weeks to really change the cycle of not getting the results you want at practice.

A model a day will change your life.

The right model will get you closer to those college scholarships and athletic dreams.

Want to join us?

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Have a Flippin’ AWesome Week!