Emotional Health A.P.P.P. for Athletes

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Emotional Health A.P.P.P. for Athletes

Hey Athletes-

Here is a fun way to get quick relief from whatever you are struggling with in your sport.

I am going to use the acronym A.P.P.P as a mental emotional health app for athletes.

A: is for awareness.

You first and foremost must be aware that your results are always created by your thoughts. Your thoughts create your feelings, your actions and therefore, your results. Most humans believe that something outside of them makes them feel something. For example, we think a win makes us happy, but it doesn’t. A win might trigger thoughts that create our emotions, but that win does not cause the feelings of happiness. This step is important in order to feel empowered in your life. Knowing that any situation doesn’t cause your emotions is so easily dismissed. So, please consider it and really see if you can separate the circumstances outside of your life from your thoughts about those circumstances. Become aware of what is really going on. So that is step one.

P: stands for Process.

After you are aware of where your personal power lies, of how to always be the hero of your own story instead of a victim in your own life, then you can move on to processing and allowing the emotions that you are generating for yourself. But how? Really quickly, I will tell you. Describe what the emotion is inside of you. Where do you feel the vibration, what does it feel like? Is it a big movement, fast, slow, is it in your chest, neck, stomach… learn to sit still and feel. This takes practice and it ‘s not some woowoo magic– it’s just chemicals or neurotransmitters moving around inside of you. So try to identify where they are…and the way you process them is just like you process a rollercaster ride… you don’t ask to get off the ride as you are falling straight down. You just know the emotions are part of the ride and you let them all in. That is one of the best ways I can explain allowing an emotion. There are all good, they are all part of the human experience.

P: stands for Plan.

Once you are aware that you are creating your own results, then you practice allowing the emotions that you are creating, then you can make a plan. Ask yourself a few questions. Is this emotion useful? If it is, then keep it and let it drive action. Is this emotion wanted? If it is, then keep it and let it drive action. Does this emotion push me towards my impossible dreams? If it is, then that sounds like an emotion that is serving you. But, if not, then make a plan to hi-jack the emotion right there. Some emotions are indulgent and not useful for progress. Do you want to take the action that you feel like taking from this emotion? If not, make a plan. What action do you want? What feel would you need to feel to take that action? What thoughts would you need to work to believe in order to feel that feeling?

Lastly, P= is for Practice.

Just like everything else in sports, you will have to practice the new thought until the new thought or belief becomes a default setting in your brain. Whenever you think this new belief, you will feel the way you want in order to take the desired action.

So just to recap.

A stands for Aware that your thoughts are creating your results in your sport

P is Process the emotion

P is Plan what you want to do with the emotion you have processed

P is Practice the new thought in order to create the feeling you want to drive massive action.

All you action you take or don’t take everyday is what you currently have in your life. Do you like your results. If not, use the emotional APPP that I just shared and enjoy creating whatever you want in your life! You’re creating an experience already, you might as well create the one you want.!

Have a flippin’ awesome week!


Mental Strength Coach

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