Duly Noted Anxious Brain

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Duly Noted Anxious Brain

Hey Friends,

Here is a tip you can pass along if you or another friend feels anxious…

“What if” thoughts lead to a feeling of anxiety. When you catch yourself thinking thoughts like:

“What if I fail”

“What if I get embarrassed”

“What if I get injured”

“What if I don’t make it….

I want you to just respond back to your brain with one of these options:

1. so what brain

2. maybe that’s true, but maybe it’s not

3. okay, i can handle that

4. duly noted brain

Our brain likes to be heard and will get louder if we resist or ignore it (just like a toddler).

So, acknowledge the thoughts offered, expose the thoughts, …. then it will be a lot easier to move on from those thoughts.

This tip helps diffuse anxious thoughts. Anxious thoughts come from a future focused idea not based in reality. Your brain wants to solve a problem, so sometimes it offers problems to you when it doesn’t have anything else to solve.

Letting the brain be heard is a mentally and emotionally healthy way to not be afraid of those 50,000 thoughts that are coming whether we invite them in or not.

Hope this helps those who have anxious friends or athletes.

have a Flippin’ Awesome day,

Amy Twiggs

Certified Mental Performance Specialist

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