But It’s Hard!

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But It’s Hard!


“But it’s hard!”

Of course it’s hard.

So what?

Half of the time, it won’t be what you think it should be.

Now what?

Unplanned things happened.

Things you didn’t ask for.

Don’t be surprised.

It’s always been this way.

Maybe the answer isn’t to quit.

Maybe it’s deciding who you want to be in those moments.

Precisely because it’s hard and not easy.

You are an athlete/superhero.

Hard is why you are still in your sport.

You are strong.

And capable.

And maybe sports isn’t supposed to be easy.

Maybe sports is about who you are becoming because of the hard.

If you are going through the hard half of your sport right now…

Decide how to be the best part of you to be through it.

You can do this.

It was always supposed to be this way.

You are supposed to feel the hard part of your chosen sport.

At least half the time.

Hard is OK.

Have a flippin awesome week.

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