Be Your Own Best Teammate

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Be Your Own Best Teammate

Hey Athletes,

Sometimes we may wish our teammates were more supportive, more understanding, or more excited with our success. But, what if we were our own best teammate? What if we were able to fill the needs that we think our coaches and teammates should fill for us?

What if, instead of wishing others would make us feel better, we just made ourselves feel better?

When you find yourself thinking, “Why can’t they just…”, I want you to go through the following mental core tool.

Here is a quick 7 step mental core workout for you to use as a self-confidence check.

Write 10 things you tell or think about yourself.
Don’t move on until you have completed step #1.
Find someone you love and say, “I think you are…( then say those 10 things out loud to them).
Did you hesitate?
If you did hesitate, why?
Is your list full of things you love about you or things you don’t like about you?
If your top 10 list doesn’t have words that you would tell your Best Teammate, then STOP telling those things to yourself.

*New Personal Rule: Do not allow yourself to tell yourself negative things. If you wouldn’t tell your best teammate those things, then you are no longer allowed to tell yourself those things. Its like toddlers fighting. We say to toddlers who fight, “We don’t do or say those things.” It’s the same idea. You must get your own back, you must be able to trust yourself, you must know you will stand up for you in any situation if you want confidence. So, look at your list again. If you don’t feel comfortable telling your teammate, “I think you are…” then make a new pact with yourself. You will no longer use those kinds of words with you. Your relationship with you will determine your relationship with your sport, with your coaches and with your teammates, as well as your life outside of sports.

*You can’t hate yourself to the pros!*

Eventually, you will feel burned out, miserable and question if it was worth it in the end!

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Have a Flippin’ Awesome Day,

Amy Twiggs