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I’m NOT Good Enough

Hey Athletes-

Have you ever caught yourself thinking,

“I am not good enough”

“I am not strong enough”

“I am not talented enough”

“I am not getting this skills fast enough”

I have.

And whenever I think those thoughts, I feel awful.

I teach athletes that they can experience ANY emotion

And not be harmed.

But, my survival brain does not like to feel awful.

So, I choose to resist those thoughts by shaking them out of my head, forcefully telling it “those are not true”, crying, or sitting in front of a long series of Netflix with a huge bowl of ice cream and drowning

Those awful thoughts away by numbing myself.

I scold myself for even considering those thoughts

Knowing those thoughts don’t lead to success.

Here’s the best news I can offer you when you have those kinds of thoughts–

Those thoughts are just thoughts.

They have no power over you.

And you are capable of truly deflating, obliterating and demystifying every single one of them.

Thoughts are just synaptic connections in your brain.

Thoughts are just sentences in your head. Period.

Thoughts are not facts.

Thoughts are stories I tell myself about the world and what is happening all around me.

Thoughts are not always true.

Everything I do to control those thoughts, avoid those thoughts, shake those thoughts away, or numb those thoughts down never help me progress towards a higher version of me.

There are specific steps you can take to help alleviate thoughts that cause you awful feelings.

This is what I do now instead of getting mad at my brain for having thoughts… I neutralize those thoughts until I can believe something more positive.

Here is the Neutral Thought Method:

When you are having a negative thought, instead of jumping straight to the opposite side of that thought, try neutralizing it by adding a pre-fix or suffix to the thought. Think the thought that is causing awful feelings for you. Then, think the thought again adding one of the suggestions below and see how that feels.

Does it feel different?

More neutral?

Doing this exercise will help you not only neutralize the thought, but help you become a WATCHER of your thoughts and realize those thoughts are just sentences and they have no power over you.

Here are a few that work well for many of my clients:

Add to the end of your thought:

  1. “…, AND THAT’s OKAY.”

“I’m not strong enough, AND THAT’S OKAY.”

“I’m not good enough, AND THAT’S OKAY.”


“I’m not strong enough, AND THAT’S TOTALLY NORMAL.”

“I’m not good enough, AND THAT’S TOTALLY NORMAL.”


Add to the beginning of your thought:

  1. “I’m having the thought…”

“I’m having the thought that I’m not strong enough.”

“I’m having the thought that I’m not good enough.”

  1. “I Notice, I’m having the thought…”

“I notice I’m having the thought that I’m not strong enough.”

“I notice I’m having the thought that I’m not good enough.”


You will feel less awful the more distance you can create between the thought and you. Words are powerful. Adding neutralizing words to the beginning or end of your thoughts will create a different feeling. That feeling will drive different action and different results in your life.


Small changes to your thoughts yield big outcomes.

Everything you believe about you and the world comes from those sentences in your brain. And those sentences in your brain creates the results of your life.

If you want to feel amazing, start by neutralizing the negative thoughts in your brain so you can step outside of them and decide what you truly want to feel.

The more you practice this exercise, the stronger your mental muscles will become.

Don’t judge your thoughts, just be curious and compassionate.

You can then change your life in a way that serves you at your highest level…one thought at a time.

Your thought is the cause of your problems. The thought itself is not a problem, but what you make that thought mean about you can feel like a problem.

You have the power to create any thought you want to believe. You just have to be willing to practice that thought over and over until that thought become mentally weightless.

Enjoy and let me know how this experiment works for you!



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Have a Flippin’ Awesome week,

Amy Twiggs,

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