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Unstoppable Confidence Week 1 Challenge

Hey Athletes:

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Ok, now, on to a great Core Mental Tip!

I want to challenge all you athletes for the next few weeks to work on your confidence. I am going to give you a tip that will help you do this for the next few weeks.

So, this week, to create confidence, I want you to do a “Self-Like” challenge.

Many of you struggle with self-love, so let’s start with self-like. What I mean, is I hear many athletes shame themselves everytime they make a mistake. If they fall or cover up wobbles or shake…then the internal negative self-talk begins.

Then, you shame yourself for being so hard on yourself. Everyone says to just love yourself and you will get everything in life.

This is true, but here’s the secret…you can’t get there by thinking the way you currently think.

You can’t just tell yourself that you “should” love yourself. That’s just creating one more thing that you don’t believe and will feel worse about.

So forget loving yourself for now. We’re not working on unicorn beliefs right now.  We’re working on a neutral thought method and baby step thoughts that you will actually believe.

Your challenge today is to write down 12 things that you like about yourself.

These can be anything from physical attributes to habits or personality characteristics or anything else.

If you have a hard time with this challenge, then you can start with something like, “Sometimes I am ___” or “I am learning how to believe I am _____” or “I am learning how to ______.”

Try the following:

Self- Like Challenge, Day 1:

Note: the most important thing is to keep going until you get 12. Do not settle for “I don’t know” or “I can’t think of any more” from your brain, no matter what or how long it takes! If you just don’t accept less than 12 to be an option your brain will figure out how to get there.













Now think of how you feel after you read over the list?

Remember that a feeling is one word that describes a sensation in your body. Secure. Safe. Focused. Certain. Happy. Proud. Those are all feelings. “I just feel like I didn’t deserve any of that” is not a feeling. That’s just another thought. Re-read your list, and then write down one word that describes a physical feeling you have when you read it. I bet it feels better than your normal thought process!  It should.


Read over the list twice a day. When you wake up and before bed. Have it be a part of your daily routine.

Put it on your mirror and read it while you brush your teeth. The more you read your list, the more your brain will start to look for other things to like about yourself, and these new thoughts will become your default thoughts about yourself.

You know you’ve got more in you. These tools will get that potential out of you!

Try it out. See what you think. And if you want help applying this tool, schedule a quick, free strategy call at

I am a certified life coach– which basically means I show you what thoughts are holding you back from your dreams. We do this in a fun, non-judgemental way of challenging and searching and working together to re-wire your brain so you can act on it instead of feeling like you are being acted upon!

Enjoy this weeks challenge!

Have a Flippin’ Awesome week,

Amy Twiggs,

Certified Life, Weight & Sports Performance Coach

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