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Inspiration for Affirmations

Hey Athletes-

Let’s talk about positive affirmations. I used to think that affirmations were the incredibly powerful… and it’s still a very useful tool for everyone, however, there are critical steps that need to be added to affirmations if you truly want the result you hear everyone talking about. We won’t focus on those today. But just know that I no longer believe that the traditional way of teaching affirmations work for most people.  

So, today I am going to just give you a quick overview of how to create ideas to start writing affirmations then we will dive more into the missing keys to affirmations in other episodes. (… how to write them, how to practice them, and how to make them actually work effectively…will be coming soon)

So, because affirmations are still a great tool… let’s talk about them. What are they anyways? Positive affirmations are just a practice, often by athletes, in which you write positive statements that help you overcome self-sabotaging beliefs. The beliefs that unconsciously or consciously hold you back.

When deciding what to focus on, I suggest the first step is to think about what your coach tells you. What are your coaches trying to teach you? When you identify what you’re hearing, but maybe not listening to, then you might want to use those corrections as guidelines to create some initial affirmations. It’s a simple and effective way to start.

Discover what it is that might be holding you back from the actions that the coaches are telling you to take…that  you might not be taking right now.

And I want to be very clear. The reason you are not acting is only because of a feeling. You can go back and read the CTFAR information to discover why you might not be taking the action the coach is telling you to take.

Maybe it’s because you did try and it didn’t work, so you don’t believe what they tell you will work, and you feel doubt. Why would you do what they are suggesting if you doubt it’ll work and if you’ve tried and it didn’t work?  Why? Maybe you will try again because you only gave it a short amount of time. Maybe you actually didn’t understand what the coach was suggesting and you are trying but… not in the way that will help you succeed.

Maybe you’re coach is wrong about this action. Maybe you need a new perspective. Now I don’t doubt coaches– they are amazing. But know that sometimes even the best coach can be wrong and you can see if they are willing to give you another idea of what could be changed. Or you can feel it out yourself. You are competitive– which means you are at a point where you have air awareness and body awareness. You can see how it might not be flowing naturally for your body and do some tweaking.

Alright, so as far as affirmations go, if you don’t know where to start, I love suggesting that you start with what your coaches have suggested you change. Then you plan out specifically what it is that you are willing to try.

This is a most basic place to begin finding affirmation points.

Once you cover, or uncover, those things you’re being told to change by coaches, then you want to move on to the higher level of self-coaching affirmations with these types of questions:

  1. What do I want to become? What are MY long-term goals?
  2. How do I want to be better than I was yesterday?  Not just in this sport, but with my life?

You start turning from the outside sources of being told what you should change to the inside– asking yourself what you think you should change, what you want to change and why you want to change.

This changes everything. The compelling reason to make a change is no longer because someone told you to. The reason you want to change is because you have decided that YOU WANT TO. That will have a much deeper impact on whether or not you will stick to the committed thoughts required to feel the courage and take action for lasting change.

Then, make an affirmation from the answers to those questions. Much of these affirmations in sports may also come from seeing what other athletes can do that you haven’t accomplished yet.

Who are your gymnastic superheroes? Who makes you say to yourself, “Wow, someone actually did that? I wonder if I can do that? I think I’ll try!”

This is where affirmations start to take-off and the Brain Game gets real.

You allow your brain the opportunity of dreaming, of thinking what might be possible for you. There is no one that can tell you that you can’t become or do anything you want.

You can put anything down for dreams and goals. Getting to those dreams and goals takes effort, I’m not going to lie, but you get to want to be and do anything  you choose. That is your own personal gift of agency at work right there. That agency is one of my favorite gifts, along with the gifts of another day, this body that I didn’t even have to create myself, and the light of Christ…all great gifts!

I truly love the gift of being able to decide what I want to choose to think at any time. What I want to choose to believe at anytime. What I want to choose to dream about at any time.

This is a gift that is free for everyone! At any time.

Ok, so a quick re-cap.

When you are trying to decide on affirmations, here are a few ideas:


  • Think about what your coaches have been telling  you on your specific skills that you want to improve.
  • Ask yourself what you truly want to improve on and why. Make it an internal decision.
  • Think about what you have seen others do and see how you can glean inspiration to see what else might be possible.


Our brains like us to to believe there are very few options to believe. Why? Because it takes very little energy to re-think old thoughts. And our survival brain wants to be efficient. So, this week, think about what you want to change at gym, what your coaches have suggested might help your skill improve, what you want it to look like, and what others may have done beyond expectations.

Let’s chat next week about the specific steps of affirmations. How to write them effectively.

have a flippin’ awesome week,

Amy Twiggs

Sports Performance and Weight Loss Coach

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