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What About Love?

Hi Gymnasts-

I want to talk about love! We love love!

But first, let’s start with asking: What would happen if you chose to put some unwanted emotion in the F-line today? (If you don’t know what I mean, then go back to the post with the CTFAR model and you will get more details).

The F-line briefly means that feelings or emotions that you create by your thoughts. Did you know it’s good to feel unwanted emotions.  

Love feels best, but you can only feel deep love if you are also willing to feel the other side– the non-loving feelings. And feeling non-loving feelings doesn’t mean you have to stay in those neg feelings. Just don’t push them away– allow them. So what do I mean when I say choose negative feelings for the F-line?

Let’s say, for example, maybe you want to sleep in instead of getting up and working out a little extra to get you closer to your goal. What if you wrote “discomfort” in the F-line? Discomfort is what you ming create when you think you don’t want to wake up. But you will anyways because it’ll be worth it in the long-run to stick to your plan.

You will feel discomfort AND you will take action from that feeling because you know it’s the currency to your dreams. You know that a little discomfort never killed anyone– it’s just  an emotion and you are a gymnast so you can handle anything!

Or what if you chose to feel the emotions of deprivation or fatigue? Those are going to be feelings you will have to be willing to feel if you want to reach your high level goals. Deprivation may come from your thoughts about hearing your friends talk of last weekend’s party that you chose to leave early because you had 6:00am practice the next morning. Deprivation is a great feeling and it’s important for you to feel in order to reach those high goals.  

Maybe determination. What do you need to think to generate that feeling? What about a thought like, “This will be so amazing when I figure out how to master this skill.”

You will create the feeling you need in order to inspire the action required to get that result you want.

Now the one that I challenged my group of athletes this week was trying out the emotion of love.  How can you choose love for yourself this week? What do you love about yourself?  How can you liberate those around you?… because of this love you feel.

Love feels so much deeper when you are also willing to invite the determination, disappointment, and deprivation to come along too.

I will leave you with a little extra this week:   Anytime you feel negative emotions from thoughts you are having about your sport, try writing 5 reasons why you could choose to love gym as well. You get to find evidence to believe anything you want. There will always be reasons to hate gym and there will always be just as many reasons to love gym!! I know of a few high level gymnasts who, once they were done with gym, they never stepped foot in a gym facility again– they hated gym.  And that it totally fine. Except for what’s the upside to choosing to feel hate? I want to encourage you to choose love. It always feels better!

That doesn’t mean you have to stay in gym and participate in gymnastics forever, it just means that if you choose to leave gym to pursue other things, you can always leave knowing that you chose to love gym no matter your choice.

And like i said, love always feels better.

You know you’ve got more in you.

These tools will get that potential out of you! Try it out. See what you think.

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Have a Flippin’ Awesome week,

Amy Twiggs, Sports Performance & Weight Loss Coach  


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