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This is all just for fun!

Sometimes I believe gymnasts are taught to be non-emotional. In fact, there is a worksheet I came across titled “Robo no Emo.”

I want to talk about this today. The idea is that in order to stay focused as a gymnast, you must let go of emotions and feel like a robot. No emotions.

I understand the intention behind the idea but I want you athletes to really think about this! I have realized that for 18 years of my life as a gymnast, I was trained on how to stop feeling! Or at least avoid a lot of emotions.

If you feel an emotion that a coach doesn’t see as useful, you might have a negative reward. Maybe you are allowed a few emotions. Satisfaction from a win maybe. Motivation, dedication, commitment, courage… But, what I mean is that as an athlete you (or at least I was) trained to not show much emotion. “Keeping focused” means keeping emotions inside.

Here’s the thing… LIFE IS EMOTIONS.

That’s all it is! Everything you work for, everything you hope for, everything you desire revolves around an emotion you hope to experience.

Gymnasts believe they need to control their emotions to the point of possibly feeling like a robot.

Is gymnastics bad because we are trained to stop feeling? NO! However, I now believe every gymnast would enjoy their competitive years on a deeper level if they were taught how to manage emotions instead of push them away.

When you believe you should not feel negative emotions, or that you should try to resemble a robot, just know you are missing out on YOU! Life is all about feelings. That sounds fluffy, but it’s true.

So feel every emotion and let them go through you– all of them and enjoy them–then you can say you know what self-confidence is!

I challenged athletes competing this weekend to try on the thought, ”this is all for fun!” What if you had that thought going in to the meet?

You have worked hard, and now is  not the time to use stress and anxiety as the motivator for a great meet. You might find thinking “this is all for fun” generates relief and excitement to show your stuff.

That stoic face does not enhance your overall experience of the sport.

If you want to experience what really enjoying gymnastics feels like, then start opening up to any feeling that comes your way before, during and after practice.

Start by trying on this thought this week, “this is all for fun!” How does that feel? How can you make it fun, how can you make the experience fun this weekend for yourself while you are competing?

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Have a Flippin’ Awesome Week,

Amy Twiggs