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5 Gold Olympic Rings

Hey for many of you athletes- it’s competition season! Yay!  This is where all that hard work comes together into a beautiful symphony of success.

If you are one of the gymnasts who don’t love the meets– and you feel a bit nervous and worried about every meet, then just jump on a free coaching call with me– I will help you feel better and focused immediately– that is my elite power now– I don’t physically flip like an elite any more, I just flip minds at the elite level. It’s a super power that I can teach you to use so you can feel also totally in control and prepared at every meet!

I was talking to some athletes this week. One gymnast said her coach will be “very mad” at her if she doesn’t do her giant. “He says, ‘I will let the team down.'” We talked about the words of anyone in our lives being a fact. Those words are neutral and have no power over us…unless we choose to believe them. What I want every athlete to do is take their power back. I will talk more about that at another point. But, just consider that idea.

At any rate, today, I want to share with you all a quick tool I taught to my online group of athletes this past week. It was fun and I ghout I would give it to you.

Its call the 5 olympic gold rings

So, we have been talking about GOALS this month! What it will take to reach them.  

One quick tangent: in order to reach a goal, you have to take massive action– you know this– we all know this. But, knowing something and doing something are not always the same thing. Just be sure you know that taking massive action just means you keep taking action UNTIL you get the result you want– not just when you feel like you’ve tried enough, or given enough effort.  

That means nothing when it comes to results. You keep trying, you keep tweaking, you keep adjusting and don’t quit! When you think you have fallen out of love with the sport bc you aren’t seeing the results, remember that the sport did not create those emotions in you, you did! You can fall right back in love with the sport any time you want. You can generate motivation, love, excitement and drive anytime you want.

Ok, now for the tool…here it is.

The 5 Olympic Gold Rings tool: Draw 5 rings like the symbol for the olympics.

#1 In the top left hand ring, write your long term goal. You can decide what long-term menas. I put 5-10 years, but maybe it’s more like a 3 year goal for you.

You choose, but really think about it. What do you want to be able to do in 3 years with your sport? Will you be in college or playing pro sport? What are your goals emotionally? Do you want to be able to know that you can consistently generate self-confidence at any time? That’s totally possible!

#2 The right top hand circle write your 1 year goal. At this time next year, what do you want to have accomplished?

#3 the bottom left= your 1 month goal. What will you have solid in your routines, what mental cues will you have perfected so you can be consisitent in your routines for your season, how many routines in a row can you bam?

#4 the bottom right hand= 1 week goal. Write what you are going to do this week to reach your goals. What are you going to be thinking to get you to feel that drive and motivation to work hard and take that massive action?

#5 In the top middle circle write the your underlying thought. This is the power statement or the believable idea that keeps you Wanting to want that long-term goal– especially when you think it’s too hard or you’re never going to get it.

This is something that I call your BHAT or Big Hairy Audacious Thought. I’ve heard of BHAGs- big hairy audacious goals or your long-term goal that you should write down. Make sure your BHAG is very specific, and if possible, measurable- meaning you can know when you have accomplished it.

But the last circle of the 5 olympic gold rings needs to be a BHAT- what is a thought that you might have that will generate excitement and motivation to keep working hard for that goal?

BHAT: if you want that big long-term goal, what thought will you have to LEARN to believe? Maybe you don’t believe the BHAT fully yet, but know that it’s POSSIBLE that you can grow into believing that thought. As you learn to believe it, you will create the feeling you will need to drive the action to get that BHAG?  Guys this is it! This is the most important part.

This is NOT  a neutral thought. This is THE thought that you want to believe that you don’t fully believe yet. What is that thought? Try on some thoughts this week that your brain will say, “No way” and then you can counter with , “it might be possible!”

A few possible BHAG thoughts:

*I am made for this goal.

*I am curious what I am capable of.

*I am an athlete who shows up for herself everyday.

*I am learning to be an athlete who does exactly what she says she will do, even when she doesn’t feel like it.

*It’s possible that I will reach my BHAG goal if I keep going.

*I am willing to believe in me.

*I’m learning how to believe in me.

*What if I believed I could do anything today? How would that feel?…oh yeah, that feels good, let’s think that!

You want some help getting a tight mind this season- schedule a quick free call at  let’s get you competing at the level you’ve prepared for and reaching for so much more!

Have a Flippin’ Awesome Week,

Amy Twiggs