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Tell Me Your Story

What is your story about why you are at the level you are at?

Think about it. We all have a story about why our life is the way it is. That story includes the story about your sports success.

I will always encourage you to write your story, and any other thoughts you have, down. You are in a self-discovery stage right now. So, write this story down.

I like to call J-O-Y the Journey of You! You are on a journey of self-discovery. That’s it. That is the human experience. We are all trying to discovery what else we can on earth while we get to be here. We want to choose to evolve out of curiosity rather than because we think we will become a “better human”.

What if there wasn’t better or worse when it comes to your self-worth, there is just another version of you. You are becoming a version that has a new skill set and confidence level. But, you are always 100% of worth.

Now, most of you right now are on a path of trying to get to a higher level in your sport, or if you are already at that highest, you want to see what else there is to the sport– what other world records can you break?

Your story about you as an athlete is just a compilation of thoughts for you to review, become aware of, and consider.

You get to decide if you want to continue believing that story or create a new one.

You have permission to tell your story anyway you want.

That doesn’t mean you are lying to yourself. That just means that you get to choose what to believe and what you want to toss out and what you want to re-model/change in your thought patterns about you and your abilities when it comes to your sports goals.

When you start to change the way you tell your story, then your results will start to change. You will feel different. That new feelings will generate a desire to take different action. That action will give you a different story to tell, or result in your life.

Your primitive brain is constantly urging you to evolve (that’s the divine nature within us..keep progressing and working towards another version of you…)  AND at the same time, it is trying to keep you safe–that’s its #1 goal– stay alive.

In order to overcome the instinct to stay safe, you have to override your primitive brain to evolve. What our ancestors had to do in the past– run from bears and live in caves, is no longer a problem for us today.

For those of you who are religious, I like to think of the survival instincts starting from when Adam and Eve left the garden–something changed in their brain.

They could have lived in the Garden forever, but when they left, there was a new software downloaded into their brains in order for them to survive– called, “Something’s not right”. That is a software my master coach offered once, and it makes sense.

That software kept them alive in the wilderness– they watched for danger and conserved energy for the important moments and sought pleasure.

Because we have evolved, we now have plenty of shelter, we can get pleasure or food, easily and we don’t have to conserve our energy in order to run from lions.

This motivational triad that kept Adam and Eve alive looks very different for us today– it is sitting on a couch, watching netflix, eating popcorn or ice cream.

It’s safe, pleasurable and uses very little energy. In order for us to change, we have to feel some discomfort because our brain believes that watching tv has kept us alive thus far, so why change.

You will be working against your brain until you convince your survival brain that you are safe– you don’t have to conserve energy, you don’t have to hold back in your sport for fear that there might be a bear around the corner, you don’t have to seek pleasure by avoiding the discomfort of going all in on yourself at a competition– you don’t have to live in a cave anymore.

You can seek growth, embrace discomfort and use energy wisely until your survival brain catches up and realizes you are still alive when you do these things. And that is how it will feel– like your brain is working against you. That is exactly what it should feel like!

When you find yourself sitting on the sideline wishing you were playing, but feeling a bit of relief that you don’t have to “mess up” out on the field, then just know your primitive brain is working perfectly for you– but, now you can tell yourself, “oh, yes, I know why you want me to believe that sitting on the sidelines is safe… it’s because my brain thinks this it the best way for me to survive and stay alive. It’s worked so far, so why not just keep living in my past.”

As we go through more tools, you will understand even more about the overdesire to hold back and limit yourself in an effort to “stay safe”, but you will soon realize that holding back actually creates the worse experience possible! It’s hard to see at times, but when we hesitate to enjoy the opportunities ahead, even though we might fail, then we are creating an experience where we wish we knew what it was like to not hold back– and that feeling is a lot worse then just going for it.

Always wondering what might have been can be more painful than just doing something to see what might happen. You never know, maybe your impossible dream becomes a reality!

Just start to be aware of how your brain is just trying to protect you– and 95% of the time, that is helpful, but that 5% is where we get into trouble.

Intellectually understanding these tools is the phase one or the first level. Learning how to apply these tools is my personal super power.

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have a Beautiful day,

Amy Twiggsh