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Silver Platter of Emotions

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Silver Platter: living on the outskirts of life. There is a tool called the Silver Platter that we use to help clients understand what feelings we choose to avoid and which ones we tend to prefer. If you were at a nice social function and you saw waiters walking around with silver platters on their hands offering horderves. Which ones would you choose?  Now think of these silver platters with emotions. The waiters ask you to go ahead and enjoy some emotions. Which emotions would you choose? Most people think they would only choose the positive emotions, but this is not what life is about. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I have been raised to believe that there is opposition in all things. This is what living in our life means. When someone dies, we think thoughts that generate sadness, sorrow, and grief. We don’t always want to feel happy. And the most interesting of this 50:50 ratio of life is that when we resist, react and avoid all the negative, then we are also avoiding the good stuff in life. You cannot understand the positive without the negative. So, why do we think we are happy all the time? I would offer that maybe we aren’t. Maybe our happy is numbed down. When we are not happy, we go eat so our receptors are dulled to the negative emotional pain. But, when we think we are happy, we think we know what happy truly is and yet without the unhappy, there is no full understanding of happy. This is called living on the outskirts of your life. When you continually avoid negative feelings, then you are by default missing out on what the other side feels like.  If you take happy, peace and self-confidence off that silver platter, then you are essentially asking that you can understand what unhappy, chaos, and self-doubt feels like too. Only then will you be able to feel happy, peace and self-confidence. So many of us are missing out on the best part of our life because we are afraid of what the negative emotions might feel like. Our brains tell us to run away. But what if you just stopped, stood still and felt the negative emotion? If those emotions are just created by our own thoughts, and are vibrations in our bodies, then we can handle those. They will not hurt us. Our brain gets confused and cannot differentiate between real and false fear. It is doing its job and we can challenge it’s usefulness in our lives today. If you want to learn more about choosing to feel opposition and increasing confidence, the, go to and schedule a fantastically satisfying treat of a mini-session. It’s a permanent weight loss plan on the go opportunity. have a beautiful week, x,
Amy Twiggs