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The ONE Thing

Hi Athletes!

The New Year has just begun. You probably set some great goals or plan to soon. Whatever your goals are, you will want to be aware of what the normal process is when reaching for anything that will require you to change the way you think.

We have talked about the motivational triad, the old and the new. If you work with the new motivational triad, which is briefly, seek growth, embrace discomfort and expend energy wisely,  then you are going against what your primitive brain wants you to do and what your brain thinks you need for survival.

So, this how it usually looks. You set a lofty goal, get those butterflies fluttering about inside at the thought of this goal. You ask yourself, “is it really possible?” “Am I capable of such a goal?” “What if I am?”  “This will be so amazing!” “I’m so excited!”

Then, you start dreaming about how you might be able to actually achieve your goal. Everything is going well. You are motivated and energized and the world is perfect.

But, then you wake up the next morning… Right?! This is how it is!

Let’s pick an easy example. Say your goal was, or maybe still is, to learn a flic-lay on high beam. You have decided it would be easy to stack mats and put a beam cover on to start.  That sounds easy…

…until you are up on the beam, looking DOWN at the coach and teammates, feeling the fear rise from the height of the beam, and starting to doubt your goal.

As you go to the end of the beam to initiate the flic, you think, “Do I really want to do this series?” “There’s got to be an easier one that is worth the same value?” “I don’t want to do this series just because I think I need to!”

This is exactly what you should expect.

And if you can plan on your brain, and the circumstances, going about this way, then you can also plan strategies to be prepared when you don’t feel like exercising. Because believe me, you won’t always “feel like it!” That is true for most things in life.

So, what might be a strategy to your totally normal, high functioning brain? Well, if you know you will choose old thought patterns by default, which is sometimes called thought errors– the only reason we consider this an error is because you have determined that no beam series is not useful for your long-term (or short-term for that matter) athletic goals.

The thought error is that you can find reasons why it’s not important to learn this series. The thoughts that keep you from following through on your goal are the ones that we want to change.  There are plenty of great thoughts, but there are also plenty that feel so true and believable, but are totally not useful and optional! You have permission to change any of your thoughts!

So, a strategy to this scenario would be, when I stop thinking thoughts that drive this current motivation that I am feeling to learn an advanced series for beam, then I will still honor my word to myself by doing what I need to do to go for it. I will solidify cue words on a lower beam until I have mastered the series there, so when I go up to the high beam, I can focus on the cue words instead of the height of the beam. Once I get moving, it’s not that hard to keep moving.

Or, what about this strategy:  I am capable of doing a flic-lay perfectly on the line on the floor. If I can do it there, then I can safely do it on the low beam. If I can do it on the low beam, then nothing has changed about the beam as I move up to higher levels.

Or, what about this idea. Once I stick 10 flic-lays on the low beam perfectly, I will ask for a spot on a few on the high beam just to get comfortable with the mind management part of the skill. The beam is the same, it’s just that my mind needs some practice just like my body does on this skill. This is not a problem for me!

These are all options for you to choose from. Flic-lays are not only good for your beam scores if done well, but the emotional and mental benefits of doing hard things are also great!

However, today’s post is not about flic-lays specifically though.

The point today is that you learn to pick ONE thing and stick to it. I got a bit derailed…

When it comes to learning a new skill as an athlete, there are always a few principles that are underlying everything. The most important part of any growth is going to be to MAKE A PLAN and STICK TO IT!

There is always ONE thing in any plan that you will feel you are capable of doing.

Pick that one thing to start, then… do it.

It doesn’t really matter what that one thing is honestly.

If the one thing is to practice 10 drills on the floor before taking it to the beam, then write that down and learn to honor your word to yourself.

I am a confidence coach who teaches sports performance tools to athletes. The underlying theme off all I teach is about confidence. Confidence is one of the crucial keys underlying any change.

When you make a plan and stick to it, you are learning to trust your word to yourself.

That is exactly what self-confidence is. Learning to trust yourself. When you say you will do something, you do it…even, and especially, when you don’t want to. Guess what happens? Your confidence increases.

So, today’s tool is super simple, and yet it will be the one that tends to take the most energy– since we are now expending energy wisely towards our goals, then we can decide that learning to pick ONE thing in our list of weight loss items to choose from, then committing to honor our choice, will be energy wisely spent.

It’s just simply to learn how to honor your word to yourself in just one small thing. Do what you say you will do. Pick ONE realistic part of the awesome goals that you have set and stick to it!

The more you honor yourself to that one thing, the more you will feel empowered and ready to eventually commit to another thing. This is where the compound effect becomes extremely powerful.  Adding one step at a time, one simple and small thing, eventually becomes a new lifestyle!

The tools I want you to learn are tools that you will keep forever. The best plan is one that you will stick to as a lifestyle and not just for a quick before and after picture.

So, let’s pick one goal to commit to this week, and gain some confidence along the way.

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Have a beautiful week,

Amy Twiggs

Sports Performance & Confidence Coach