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Scientific Method: Assess

When it comes to change, keeping regular record of the results you are seeing is a crucial piece of the puzzle! This year, I am challenging athletes to do a regular “free write” for at least 2 minutes. Don’t think, just write. Ask yourself questions. “Why” is one of my favorite. Why do I think this is true? Why am I getting these results? Why do I feel this way? Keep asking questions as you write and see if you can find patterns in your thoughts. Challenge those thoughts. Use the CTFAR method to change them if you don’t like the feeling or results.

I love teaching the Scientific Method as a sound system to personal goals and change. Basically, this year, I am going to encourage you to be writing about your impossible goal. You should have written just one impossible goal down last month. Then write all the ways you plan to reach that goal.

Assess. Assess. Assess. Then repeat!

Use the Scientific Method: Make observations, ask questions, formulate a hypothesis, visualize what the result might look like, gather data, refine/ reject/ alter/ expand OR Succeed!  Remember failure is second best to success. So keep practicing your hypothesis, give your ideas a chance, if they don’t result in success, then find another part to tweak and adjust and tryout.

One more tip this week: Did you know that your lower brain and higher brain are like attorneys looking for evidence and reasons why you should keep believing old thoughts. You are the lower and higher attorney & the JUDGE. You get to decide everyday what evidence to gather, what to believe, and which thoughts will drive your actions. So, just consider this and start to be CURIOUS about what your brain is offering you. Or what you are offering your brain. It’s a fun way of thinking– knowing you can think about your thoughts puts you in control of your results! You are the attorneys and the judge. What is your verdict this week with your Impossible Goal for 2019?

Choose what to do with those thoughts is using the scientific method. Play, ask questions, be curious, and enjoy living a life of intentional thinking.

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Amy Twiggs

Sports Performance Coach