Lack of Sureness

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“Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.”     -Unknown


As a former USAG Judge, I had the license to score gymnasts in many different areas and abilities. I always enjoyed watching gymnasts perform to their best at competitions.

However, I wondered at times whether a nervous gymnast understood the repercussions of the way they appeared on the beam. There is a specific deduction that judges take termed: Lack of Sureness.

The judge gets to decide if a gymnast “appears confident” while performing on the beam. This means, you may feel confident performing your routine, but if you do not present that confidence, then a judge can lower your score 2 tenths.

Two tenths is critical in gymnastics. This is a huge score gap in a competition which could result from 1st place to 4th place.

Lack of sureness is subjective, which means it is purely decided on the judges opinion. If you, the gymnast, knew that by holding your chin up a little higher, pulling your shoulders back a bit, sharpening your movements, keeping your eyes focused, and providing the “appearance of confidence” would increase your score by two tenths, wouldn’t you try it?

You may not feel confident, but whether you feel it or not, the appearance is all that matters to a judge.

And, the powerful secret is that as you position your body in a confident manner, your mind will begin to believe that you are confident, and those little thoughts will create a feeling where eventually you can say, I AM CONFIDENT.

You no longer receive a “lack of sureness” deduction, but rather a bonus separator score of beautiful artistry and confidence.

Have a beautiful day my friends! Happy Flipping!

“Change your thoughts, change your world”
-Norman Vincent Peale