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“I want to know God’s Thoughts, the Rest Are Just Details”- Einstein Most athletes seeking to become mental masters are waiting for that special new sports psychology plan, the action plan. They are striving to find out what they need to DO to FEEL BETTER. But this is backwards. We cannot Do anything to Feel anything. That is not the way of permanent mental strength. We now know that the problem with our balking and hesitating is just our thoughts about our abilities. The feelings we feel are caused by our thoughts. And those feelings drive all of our actions and inactions. When we hesitate too much, then the result we get is no progress. It’s that simple. So, if the result we want is to be confident, then what do we have to do? What is that magical action plan that all who are reading this blog has been waiting for? The Action Plan is the Protocol. That’s it. If you are very detailed and learn to trust yourself with what you have written on the action protocol from earlier. In order to take that massive action on your protocol, what will you need to feel? Maybe committment or courage, drive or discomfort? In order to generate these kinds emotions, what would you have to think? I have found that sometimes that thoughts range from: “I am willing to do what it takes to succeed this time.” “I can do hard things.” “I am worth it.” Any of these types of thoughts might generate the drive and courage needed to follow through with your protocol and continually try new pieces until you get the result you want. If you want to learn more about choosing to feel opposition and increasing confidence, the, go to and schedule a fantastically satisfying treat of a mini-session. It’s a permanent weight loss plan on the go opportunity. have a beautiful week, x,
Amy Twiggs